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Faster, simpler legal software

We are delighted to be working with legal technology start up, Casedo! Led by an innovative and fully paperless Barrister, Ross Birkbeck, Casedo allows you to prepare your case and bundles in a way that saves you time and money. All Hexagon members are invited to take advantage of a free trial of the Casedo software by clicking here. If you like it and want to purchase the software, Casedo is offering a 21% discount on annual licences to all Hexagon members which will give you a year of Casedo for £99 plus VAT.

Just quote discount code HEX2021 when purchasing.

Why should you consider Casedo?

1. Casedo is cost-effective 2. It will save you time and effort 3. Our software is constantly evolving 4. Our platform is fast and intuitive 5. You will be up and running with our software in a matter of minutes 6. We provide useful and intuitive tools for mark-up, side by side reading, and cross-referencing 7. Casedo works at all stages of a case - from initial instructions to court hearings 8. No worries about data security – Casedo is locally installed so you keep all your data and we don’t touch it 9. Work offline easily 10. Unlimited bundle creation

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