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FEATURED | Dress to Impress with Thom Bennett Bespoke

Looking sharp comes with the profession. And those of you who enjoy the attention to detail in your garments, perfect fit and the luxurious feel, here's someone you should meet!

Mr Thom Bennett is a third-generation Master Tailor directly descended from Per (Gustav) Anderson, the legendary founder of the famous Savile Row tailoring house Anderson & Sheppard. Mr Bennett has been interested in tailoring since his childhood and today, each of the more than three-thousand stitches he methodically sets ensures a perfect seam every time.

"My ethos for tailoring is to dress my clients to impress while standing above the crowd. I draft every pattern with purpose and care to the client's style requirements with their unique figuration.

Nothing leaves my workshop unless it is faultless in every consideration."

His tailoring style is sharp yet relaxed while showcasing time-honoured traditions of handwork in the construction and finishing of all garments giving the clothes a natural movement while retaining strength for longevity, qualities only available with a hand-sewn construction.

An impressive thirty-five different measures are taken with the expert eye of a master tailor to establish your unique figuration allowing for the perfect and unique pattern can be cut.

If you demand a superb fit, follow the link to book a preliminary consultation:

Contact Mr Bennett directly for truly handcrafted bespoke tailoring in the classic style and traditions of Savile Row.

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