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NEWS | LB-Connect – The final piece in the property puzzle

Legal Bricks has (2nd August 2021) launched LB-Connect - “The final piece in the property puzzle”. Our solution offers law firms an intuitive white-labelled platform, which specifically deals with client on-boarding and aims to reduce transaction times, increase efficiencies and reduce errors.

What’s the aim of LB-Connect?

In the digital age of immediacy where there’s an expectation to be able to get everything done immediately online, LB-Connect can deliver – giving conveyancers and their clients access to all the information they need, in one solution. LB-Connect will reduce transaction times by up to 30%, with online completion of client tasks helping to reduce chaser calls and streamlining transactions. The solution also increases accuracy by removing the need to duplicate data entry.

Information is securely stored on our cloud-based solution and includes Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) to ensure the most robust security and verification procedures apply to both client and law firm. LB-Connect also makes sure that you are GDPR compliant – information which falls outside of GDPR remit is stored for 7 years, with information deemed high risk removed after month 12 of case completion.

What are the features of LB-Connect?

Having worked with conveyancers for many years, we know the pain points in property transactions. We’ve designed each feature of LB-Connect to help speed up the process whilst maintaining accuracy, security and compliance:

Protocol form - Via LB-Connect you can provide clients with a quick and simple way to complete their TA Forms electronically. All forms are HTML based and will allow you to see real-time updates as your clients fill-in each form. Once completed, you will receive a pdf version of each document via email.

E-Signatures - Through our own proprietary e-signature service, any documents which are available through LB-Connect and require a client signature, will have the ability to be e-signed immediately. For complete flexibility, your firm will decide which documents your clients can and can’t sign electronically, through your customisable matter templates.

ID Verification - Your clients can easily upload documents for ID and proof of residency, or utilise our first-in-class biometric service. This allows clients to complete a liveness check of their face, along with a document check which interrogates the efficacy and integrity of the document. This is subsequently matched against the liveness check for market leading accuracy.

Secure messaging - You can ensure that all messages related to the property transaction are sent and received securely, using LB-Connect. This way, no messages can be intercepted and all information is stored with a clear audit trail within the platform, for both you and your client.

Bespoke branding - LB-Connect is fully branded as your law firm, including logo and corporate colours. Clients will see the portal as an extension of your practice and this will provide a full synergy, which is complemented by the branded conveyancing quotes you produce through LB-Law.

Key updates - Through our “One Click” updates, you can provide your clients with an entire range of key messages and alerts relating to their matter progress. All updates are shown in your audit trail and also in each task where they relate to one.

Income verification - Via the “Open Banking” initiative, we are able to connect your clients with over 160 UK banks and building societies, where they can verify their source of funds and account balance in under 60 seconds. This information is then shared with you, to retain a copy for your conveyancing file.

Client forms - We offer a simple way for clients to electronically complete on-boarding forms including the client questionnaire and joint tenancy form. The system automatically saves client progress and will share a copy by pdf, once completed. Visit LB-Connect for full information.

How does LB-Connect work with the other solutions provided by Legal Bricks?

Conveyancers may already be familiar with LB Law, our conveyancing solution which offers a quick and simple way to produce branded conveyancing quotes for potential clients in under 60 seconds. Additionally, you can manage your matters, open cases and order the relevant searches or other products supplied by Legal Bricks.

The introduction of LB-Connect means that you can digitally on-board your clients, use all of the features outlined above, and all in just one simple portal. You now have the ability to complete all of the tasks in the conveyancing journey with a simplicity not previously available.

Click here to send a request to our team, where we will be happy to show you how everything works in under 30 minutes!

Or please get in touch with Wayne McGhan - and definitely ask him about this new product when you meet him at the next HLN meeting.

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