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NEWS | Legal Bricks launch Biometric face scanning ID checks

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Legal Bricks have officially launched their Biometric face scanning ID checks – available as a standalone product or as part of their conveyancing client onboarding portal, LB Connect.

With the rise of fraud within conveyancing transactions, especially identity fraud, and tighter regulations around ID checks and the way clients are onboarded, Biometric face scanning ID checks are fast becoming an essential part of the ID verification process within property transactions, and indeed across all service lines.

We have custom-built our fully compliant Biometric ID solution using a market-leading technology platform. It has been thoroughly and rigorously tested to ensure that it offers our law firm clients enhanced due diligence, all the functionality they need and, importantly, is easy for consumers to use.

Our Biometric service complements our AML Checks and include a liveness face check of clients, alongside a fraud check on the document (Passport or Driving License).

For more information on our Biometric face scanning ID checks, please see Legal Bricks

Or contact one of the team, here for more details.

Or please get in touch with Wayne McGhan - and ask him about this new product when you meet him at the next HLN meeting.

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