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"Grow Your Network and Build Your Personal Brand" with Timea Kadar, at HLN, 23.03.2022.

LinkedIn is not a collection of CVs that people only use when looking for a new job. It's a brilliant (and free!) platform to demonstrate your expertise and build a personal brand that people remember.

We'll explore a LinkedIn strategy, that helps lawyers and people in professional services to:

  • grow a network of prospects without using pushy techniques

  • build a strong personal brand without talking only about yourself

  • become a thought leader

Timea Kadar has been in marketing for more than 22 years. She is a lecturer in Marketing at Northumbria University, marketing mentor at Francis Cooper, author of The USP is You, director of London Marketing Club and she has been awarded the Best Marketing Mentoring Specialists and she currently runs LinkedIn training courses and workshops for the legal industry and other professionals. She shares practical, easy-to-implement techniques that are tried and tested and have worked for thousands of professionals.

Connect with Timea on LinkedIn & explore the website of Francis Cooper for more

Build new business contacts, make new friends and have fun: JOIN HLN on 23.03.2022.

Please note that ticket sales will end 24 hours before the event so that we can send the attendance list to the venue. Please, therefore, ensure that you purchase your ticket in time as cash will not be accepted at the door and you will be denied entry.

Please find more details on our website HERE and remember to read the attendee terms and conditions.

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