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Hexagon Legal Network is not just another networking group... We connect people, make an impact on you and your future, your business and all that while having fun.

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If you need guidance or advice, you can call us or contact us directly or post to our LinkedIn group (or chat with us and our expert supporters at an event). 

There may be issues affecting the profession and we want to be a strong voice putting your views forward.

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Networking with fellow professionals and experienced supporters can bring new work and new ways of working and also reassurance. 

Hexagon's guidance from our expert supporters and other members can help your firm thrive! Do jump in to be part of the Featured series and show off what you have been up to. 

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Meet us after our monthly meetings and get to know like-minded professionals.

You can also meet our team of expert supporters at events or online on our feed on LinkedIn.

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If you have ever been to a networking event, then you should know how easy it is for this to turn into a mechanic soulless pitching match... At Hexagon, try to avoid that. 

We all meet with Hexagon at combined events and often individuals to meet just for extra fun.

Do sign up for the newsletter for news directly to your inbox and we hope to see you soon at our next event. 

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The Admin

What does this Maria not do? She has been working with HLN since 2020 and any questions you should have, please contact her via

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