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2023 Charity update: did you know that £385 could give a primary school a whole year of literacy planning?

It gives us great pleasure to announce the recipient of the charity monies of our Christmas Charity in 2023: The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education. All the monies raised over the Christmas period have now been transferred.

We hope that they will direct our donation towards Closing the Vocabulary Gap programme. It is a programme designed by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) to improve early reading and writing in pre-school children. The project has the overarching aim of improving young children’s vocabulary in early years settings and reducing the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers. It seeks to achieve this by delivering a sustained CPD programme to early years teachers, enhancing teachers’ subject and pedagogic knowledge of how texts can support the development of literacy and language. A key element of the project is a book gifting programme where children receive books into their homes and the same books are delivered to their schools.

Click HERE to learn more.

The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

is a UK based children's literacy charity working with primary schools. Our work raises the achievement of children's reading and writing by helping schools to teach literacy creatively and effectively, putting quality children’s books at the heart of all learning.

We want to improve the life chances of children by ensuring that every child has access to quality experiences of literacy and that all teachers have the knowledge and resources to support children become confident, happy and enthusiastic readers and writers, with all the benefits this brings.  

Please learn more about the work they do HERE, and support them further, if you can.

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