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HLN Networking Marathon on 24.05.2023

For the first time ever we are hosting a lunch time business networking event AND our monthly meeting on the same day on Wednesday 24.05.23


We are thrilled to share the exciting news with you, the HLN03, our March meeting is moved to 30 St Mary Axe...

Christmas Charity 2022: Children of Adam

Dr Aamenah Hawash and her team have made a video to thank us for our support and to give us a better understanding of what they do and how..

Speaker Announcement, HLN10 | Wig & Pens

Wig & Pens are Artisan Pen Makers who produce pens of the highest quality using traditional techniques. It was set up by Solicitor-Advocate


A huge thank you to all of you who made it to celebrate our 5th birthday on 24.08.2022!

Speaker Announcement | HLN05

We are thrilled to announce the speakers for this May event. Yes, it is speakerS! For the first time ever we will have not one, but TWO...


"Grow Your Network and Build Your Personal Brand" with Timea Kadar, at HLN, 23.03.2022. LinkedIn is not a collection of CVs that people...

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