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FEATURED | How to Start a Law Firm

We are delighted to be bringing you the freshly published practical guide to offering law services by Darren Sylvester and Rachel Roche. Published by The Law Society in October 2020, it has been warmly welcomed. This guide is friendly and accessible, you’ll want to have on hand at every stage of the journey.

The authors, Darren J Sylvester (owns DJS Law Solicitors) and Rachel Roche (owns Roche Legal), together they have pooled their experiences of managing a start-up law firm in order to create the resource they wish they’d had access to when they were starting out.

"How to Start a Law Firm" is full of practical advice and common sense. It is easy to read, offers accessible guidance and advice on all aspects of establishing and managing a law firm.

And this does not mean it is only meant for those who are only starting out... We believe this to be an interesting read to wherever you are on your journey...

Treat yourself to a copy, go to The Law Society BOOKSHOP here.

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