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Featured | Loopli | Building Your Information and Cyber Security Foundations

Introducing Loopli and Mr Owen Jones, speaker at our HLN May 2022 meeting. If you have not purchased your tickets for the event yet, do it now!

Loopli knows it is easy to get sidetracked in the day to day and quarter to quarter objectives for your business, but safeguarding your success and the people who helped you achieve it is what helps you keep going; without stress taking over.

Loopi is here to help you build your own Goldilocks Framework that’s ‘just right’ when it comes to cost and level of protection. Developing a strong understanding of everything that’s going on in your business world, covering the past, present and future so that we can advise you successfully.

Continuous Information & Cyber Security Development

Times change. People change. Compliance changes regularly. Threats change. Priorities Change. Service and product offerings change. The one constant in life is change.

Loopli safeguarding offering evolves alongside your growth, acting as your eyes and ears to near and distant changes that may threaten the success you’re trying to achieve. Prevention of an identified threat is almost always a smaller and wiser investment than scrambling to implement a cure. If COVID taught us anything; it’s that.

Contact Mr Owen Jones directly on LinkedIn HERE.

And remember to check out their website: LOOPLI.

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