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HLN Christmas Celebration 2023

The way we celebrate Christmas with our HLN network this year is very different to the way we have done it in the past. But in a good way!

The reason for us cancelling the HLN Christmas in the already familiar format is very simple: London venues have significantly raised their prices to capitalise on corporate events during the festive season, making it financially impractical. As you know, Hexagon Legal Network's primary goal is not to generate profits and to spend what we make wisely. We have been working on trying to find a Christmas venue since April this year and the per-attendee cost exceeds £150, covering only a meal, a place to sit, and a roof overhead without any entertainment or value added. We feel that these funds could be put to better use. Especially as it is Christmas.

This year, we meet at the Counting House to toast to the past year, embrace the present, and look forward to the future.

No ticket, just show up and because there is no ticket, you need to buy your own welcome drink.

No charity raffle, but we invite you to donate for a worthy cause.

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