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HLN X Joanna Gaudoin | 24.05.2023 | Lunchtime Business Networking London

We are thrilled to invite you to join the HLN lunchtime business networking event with Joanna Gaudoin, the author of Amazon's best seller Getting On: Making work work on 24 May 2023, at Balls Brothers Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HG.

This is an exclusive lunchtime networking event for City professionals (and beyond) to connect with like-minded people. On purpose, this event will be small with a limited number of tickets available. This is to enable us to indulge in conversations and use our time better and build meaningful connections. Do not miss out on this opportunity and book your spot now.

Our speaker, Joanna Gaudoin helps bright, knowledgeable lawyers with great technical skills and experience improve their non-technical skills so they can progress their careers and boost their firm's performance. She runs Inside Out Image, is the author of the recently published Amazon best seller Getting On: Making work work.

With every ticket you will receive your own signed copy of the Getting On: Making work work - get your ticket HERE.


12.00 pm - Registration, Meet & Greet

12.15 pm - Lunch

12.30 pm - Joanna Gaudoin: Why solving work challenges starts with you and what to consider

Most challenges at work involve other people – whether that be difficult clients, challenging bosses and other stakeholders or unproductive employees. However, we can’t simply change others’ reactions and behaviours without first looking at how we show up in different professional scenarios.

In this short talk, Joanna Gaudoin will be exploring why this is the case and what you need to consider as you engage in different work situations to help you navigate working life more effectively, progress your career and contribute to the improved performance for your company or firm.

1 pm onwards - Open Networking

The Venue: Balls Brothers Austin Friars is a vibrant, fresh and accessible all-day bar & dining space where we will have a mezzanine area exclusively for our event. For lunch, we will be having a selection of their famous sandwiches served with chips and soft drinks.

With every ticket you will receive your own signed copy of the Getting On: Making work work!

Join us for this exclusive Business Networking London event on 24.05.2023

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