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Speaker Announcement, HLN10 | Wig & Pens

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the speakers for the HLN October meeting. There will be two speakers and one of them is Mr David Bentley-Miller and Wig & Pens!

Wig & Pens

Wig & Pens are Artisan Pen Makers who produce pens of the highest quality using traditional techniques. It was set up by Solicitor-Advocate David Bentley-Miller who started making pens as a hobby for friends and family. Pretty soon, fellow lawyers in Court were commenting upon the pens and seeking commissions of their own. Hence, Wig & Pens was born.

Every resin pen is unique in nature and it is impossible to replicate exactly the same pen twice. They also have a range of pens with a historic interest and which become rarer with each passing week, be that wood reclaimed from The Tower of London, Palace of Westminster, the famous WWII Mosquito Fighter aircraft and various Warships etc. more are added regularly.

They also take on commission requests ranging from bespoke colours to solid gold or Platinum Fountain pen nibs.

Wig and Pens Customer service is unfailingly old fashioned and deliberately so. If they are producing an item for you then you are appraised throughout the process. This makes YOUR pen even more special.

Twitter: @WigAndPens

Instagram: @wig_and_pens

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