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FEATURED | Larinae Notaries: Introducing the E-Apostille

Larinae Notaries have shared the big industry news: the E-Apostille is finally here.

From 15 December 2021 the United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office have begun issuing e-apostilles as a further method of legalisation under the Hague Apostille Convention.

Implementation of the e-apostille was initially investigated in 2012 but a call was made to put the e-apostille itself on hold. One component however, the e-register, went live in 2014. This is the register where, by inputting the apostille number and the date it was issued in the Verify Apostille website, you can obtain information on whether the apostille itself has been validly issued to that government official.

The e-apostille project was revisited in 2019 following attendance at the 11th e-APP forum in Brazil and is now in an active trial phase where valid e-apostilles are being issued to those notaries in the trial.

Larianae Notaries is happy to confirm that we are part of this trial and can obtain e-apostilles on your behalf.

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