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Penn Financial | Mortgage Advice

Our team of experts at Penn Financial is dedicated to assisting you in making the right mortgage decisions every time. By leveraging...

FEATURED | 25% off at Andrea Bars

In the New Year, Andrea Bars are offering 25% off your total bill, all the way through January and February 2024.


Share your latest news, breakthroughs, and insights. Connect and collaborate with fellow members. Initiate conversations and promote...

HLN02: Speed Presentations by...YOU

The February meeting will take place on 22.02.2023. On the day we would like to give an opportunity to everyone who would like to present...

Sponsor Introduction | Primas Medispa

We are excited to be introducing you to Primas Medispa - sponsoring the big birthday event we are holding on 24.08.2022

FEATURED | How to recruit top legal talent

Practical 4-step guide for recruiting top legal talent by Andre Thomas, Thomas Telman. To recruit the top legal talent you must have an...

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