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FEATURED | Vee Bharkhada & Navigate Business Recovery

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

If you have been to a Hexagon Legal Network event, odds are that you have already met Vee. If you yet have not, it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Vee Bharkhada and Navigate Business Recovery:

Vee: "I have been working in the insolvency professions for over 32 years directly for corporate organisations and insolvency practitioners supporting businesses and individuals with financial difficulties. And then I got fed up and decided to go solo and start my own business."

Navigate Business Recovery was formed in June 2017 to fill in a void that was apparent from the corporate world was not able to help clients as the fee income was below minimum thresholds for larger firms.

Vee: "My Value, Expertise and Experience cover an impressive range of services that encompass everything surrounding the Insolvency and bankruptcy legislation.

Finding the right legislation to help clients out of tricky situations."

She has a proven track record in providing insolvency advice and she has helped thousands of businesses and individuals.

Vee: "I have worked closely with corporate organisations and understand better than most, the complex and difficult environment in which the insolvency world operates.

My unique approach is confident and friendly enabling me to make a lasting difference when helping businesses in financial distress. Providing hope and empathy is key whilst representing them in a professional manner."

Vee: "I have really enjoyed being part of Hexagon Legal Network over the last few years. I regard networking as one of my top three ways in which to build professional relationships over a long period of time which in turn leads to future mutual opportunities. Shak and Hexagon have had a lasting benefit to my business. It has helped to increase our turnover and we have made some lifelong friendships with the other members of Hexagon Legal Network."

Contact details:

Vee Bharkhada

Navigate Business Recovery

T: 01494 786000

T: 0207 240 2000

M: 07961 116321

Shak & Hexagon team are looking forward to seeing Vee again and everyone!

If you wish to keep up with Vee, join her on social platforms: Twitter and LinkedIn.

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