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FEATURED | The importance of your logo design as part of your brand identity

Would you agree that the documents sent and received, how they look and "feel", speak of the quality of services they provide? The power of first impressions...

Rachel Tombs and Orion Legal Marketing have shared an article on the topic with us all. We hope you find it interesting.

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Your law firm logo is central to your branding. It will be prominently displayed on everything, from your website and letterhead to any corporate merchandise you create.

Its job is to be instantly recognisable and memorable, but also to convey the essence of your firm. A sleek and efficient commercial enterprise will need a professional, no-nonsense logo, while a friendly, approachable family law practice will have something less corporate in appearance.


While creating a logo is usually a job for a professional designer, as the owner of a law firm, your input is vital. Your logo is a large part of your brand, which should be clearly defined so that you and your team have a good understanding of your direction.

Setting out your goals, values and culture will help you realise what you want to achieve. By knowing your target market and speaking directly to them in a way that they understand, you have the best chance of connecting with them and persuading them that you are the right firm for their needs.

The logo is a careful combination of colour, name, sign or symbol and typeface. Legal businesses often use similar law-related symbols such as scales of justice, a gavel, a furled document, a quill or pillars of justice. There is no reason not to include these frequently used images, but it is important to give them your own distinctive twist to make them different and memorable.

Law firms also frequently use their initials with a simple icon or coloured shape or their full name in a distinctive font. Firms with particular specialisms can identify themselves in their choice of logo. For instance, the family firm with an owl sat in a tree over a light background of legal scales suggests family, wisdom and justice.

Finding a compelling logo that interlocks with your brand and speaks to your target market is not always easy, but it is worth putting in the work to make sure that this cornerstone of your public image is right.


Once you have a clear idea of how you want your professional identity to be portrayed, you may need expert advice on how to convey that within your logo. An experienced legal logo designer will be able to take your brief and turn it into a memorable image, using the right colour palette, graphics and font.

Taking the time to put the right logo in place is well worth the effort. Research has shown that a signature colour alone has the power to increase brand recognition by 80%.


The creative experts at Orion Legal Marketing are ready to help and work with you to identify your brand and design the right logo for your legal business. Evaluating your existing public image and help you express what makes your law firm unique.

Connect with Rachel Tombs for more. Orion Legal Marketing offers an initial free consultation to discuss your needs and the strategy that would best suit your legal practice.

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