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Featured | Why Law Firms Should Focus on Search Engine Optimisation in 2023

When reviewing budgets for 2023, many law firm marketing managers will spot a leading culprit for budget burn - Google AdWords.

Legal keywords are some of the most expensive to bid for in the UK, with the average ‘Cost Per Click’ in the sector being £7.16 per click (WordStream). These vary by specialism and season, exceeding £30 per click when covering a competitive sector such as medical negligence claims, or family law advertising costs peaking in January as competition increases.

While Google AdWords can be an extremely useful source for leads, especially in the short-term, it is a channel which leads to little lasting impact, repeat visits or brand impact.

Focusing on building out your firm’s online content and SEO strategy may be a better place to input marketing spend in 2023 as budgets continue to bloat on AdWords.

While you are facing the same competitors in the ‘organic’ search results, it is a fairer field with richer opportunities to gain search visibility and clicks by writing extensively and authoritatively in your niche.

The more questions your company can answer online and valuable keywords you appear for, the more clients and leads your website can generate. Detailed service pages, informative blogs and ‘content hubs’ explaining complex legal concepts to clients can help build relationships while giving Google the content it loves.

According to, 57% of clients find a lawyer with an online search. Many others will include several Google searches as part of their research, even if they eventually use another marketing channel to source help.

Google rewards websites with expertise, authority and trustworthiness - this can be built up through high quality content, sound technical SEO and links from high quality and relevant websites.

While having a fast-loading website on an established domain helps, your success with SEO lies in your ability to produce exceptional, well-structured, high-quality content.

Sharla Digital is an agency especially created to help smaller professional service firms, including law firms, to generate long-term, evergreen results. This is done through strategic SEO, content marketing and social media marketing campaigns, at a third of the price of traditional agencies.

If you would like to speak with Sharla Digital, please contact Saleem Arif at or on 0333 242 3920.

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