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Networking Workshop with Charlie Lawson

On 25.07.2023 we are holding a networking workshop - an event to help you to become a better networker alongside a wine-tasting session.

This event is for you if you:

  • wish to improve your networking skills

  • like wine


Details of the event can be found here on Eventbrite.

Please meet Charlie Lawson & Unnatural Networker

Charlie Lawson is a very Unnatural Networker. Most experts talk about networking as though it is easy to talk to strangers. Charlie helps other Unnatural Networkers gain confidence by putting networking across from the point of view of someone who’d rather avoid it completely.

His first book, The Unnatural Networker, was released in 2014, and has helped countless business owners learn how to network effectively. His second book, The Unnatural Promoter, was released in 2021, and focuses on helping people that don't like to blow their own trumpet to be brilliant at self-promotion.

Charlie is a renowned and highly regarded keynote speaker, and gained his expertise from 13 years as UK national director of BNI, the international business networking organisation. In his spare time, he’ll mostly be found swimming/biking/running in triathlons, while trying not to get too depressed at how Spurs are doing in the league.

Website for more information:

Please join us: TICKETS


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