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Venue Announcement for HLN06: BrewDog Tower Hill Outpost

From the Old Change to a lot of new change... From the iconic Gherkin to a contemporary gallery, then to a historic City wine house with a new exclusive lunch event in between... The June event, HLN06, will be held at BrewDog Tower Hill Outpost.

The venue for our June meeting is as exciting as the previous ones with a story of its own and it is what we would call a new age urban legend and a perfect spot for after-work open networking.

On 28.06.2023 we will meet at the BrewDog Tower Hill Outpost! Just somewhere not far from the City of London Hop Exchange sign...

BrewDog, founded in 2007, is now a multinational brewery and pub chain with production of over 800,000 hectolitres, BrewDog claims to be the "#1 Craft Brewer in Europe". It's modern in the best way possible.

Level up your networking game and join us to connect with professionals in London, don't miss out on this opportunity to network, learn, and have fun: TICKETS

Click here to register now and we hope to see you there!


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