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Sponsor Introduction | Cindi Van Graan & Carbon Law Partners

Updated: Jul 1

We are pleased to introduce Cindi Van Graan and Carbon Law Partners as one of the Annual Sponsors in 2024.

I specialise in working with professional intermediaries (such as wealth management firms, accountants, tax advisors, and mortgage brokers) to help their clients (high net worth individuals and private limited companies) buy their dream homes and investment properties with ease and without future worries.

As a professional, I understand that you and your clients are seeking timely service, smooth transactions and someone to maintain a good level of communication with regular updates. I seek to foster a relationship with you, so you can feel assured that your clients are in safe hands. You can feel confident about the handling of the transaction and your clients will value your judgement – I am there to make you look good after all!

Cindi Van Graan

When you engage me you are not simply paying for a service – you are paying for me to be personally involved and take control to finalise the transaction without exposing you and your client to stress and anxiety, whilst avoiding the common property pitfalls that could lead to future problems. It’s my personal reputation at stake, which means you can trust me and your clients will be happy.

Carbon Law Partners was made with you in mind.

Made for clients to get straightforward legal advice with the highest quality and client care.

Made for lawyers to have the freedom to truly serve their clients as they see fit.

Cindi joined Carbon Law Partners in 2022.


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