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Sponsor Introduction | Vee Bharkhada and Navigate Business Recovery

We are pleased to introduce Vee Bharkhada and Navigate Business Recovery as one of the HLN Annual Sponsors in 2024.

NBR was formed in June 2017 to fill in a void that was apparent from the corporate world was not able to help clients as the fee income was below minimum thresholds for larger firms.

Vee Bharkhada

The driving force behind Navigate Business Recovery is Vee Bharakda.

Vee has spent over 25 years in her professional life both running her own business, directly for corporate organisations and insolvency practitioners supporting businesses in financial difficulty. Her valued knowledge, expertise and experience cover an impressive range of strategies that encompass everything from business growth to business survival.

Vee has a proven track record in providing insolvency advice and has helped thousands of businesses and individuals. She has worked closely with corporate organisations and understands better than most, the complex and difficult environment in which the insolvency world operates. Vee’s unique approach is confident and friendly enabling her to make a lasting difference when helping businesses in financial distress.

Every case is different and is managed on an individual basis.

Vee’s in-depth experience draws on a comprehensive range of skills and tools which include mediation and mentoring.

Follow Vee on social media, all handles are available on the NBR website.

Navigate Business Recovery


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