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The applications of eDiscovery in modern society: from litigation to DSARs

The first event of 2023, will be your chance to learn about eDiscovery, how this can be used and the benefits for lawyers and businesses.

This is a joint event together with Altlaw X RelativityOne.

At Altlaw eDiscovery we have made it our mission for the past two decades to save our clients time and money by providing cost-effective, expert eDiscovery for lawyers, corporations and governments.

eDiscovery can take many forms in today’s legal landscape, from preparing for litigation to completing Subject Access Requests.

At Altlaw we look to support you through these processes and therefore provide a streamlined, end-to-end service that removes the burden on both time and resources from our clients. This allows you the ability to prioritise and focus on your more important work in the confidence that your projects are in safe hands.

We pride ourselves on the approachability, adaptability and expertise of our team, and with over 100 years of combined experience in the field, there is no issue too complex for us to handle. Being a relatively small, independently owned company, we are also proud to be able to offer support to all manner of organisations, both big and small.

We are determined to provide our clients with the best the industry has to offer and, as such, use the industry-leading RelativityOne platform to host, process and review your data. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, RelativityOne has security built in from its foundations and offers a myriad of tools to support you through your eDiscovery process. With their advanced analytics and machine learning technology, RelativityOne’s secure cloud platform provides you with the best resources to help you take on your most unique data challenges. Their latest additions include tools such as RelativityTranslate and soon to be launched, sentiment analysis. By constantly striving to improve and adapt their services to the modern legal landscape, the RelativityOne platform paired with Altlaw is the perfect partnership to guide you through your eDiscovery journey.

Get your networking off to a good start in 2023 and book your tickets now: HLN01

Or why not treat yourself to a full year of networking with an HLN Annual Pass 2023!

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