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Topic of the HLN05, our May meeting: Sales

Our next in-person Hexagon event will be held on 29.05.2024, at the Andrea Bar Adam's Court. It will be a networking event with the side of discussing sales and the art of selling.

By the end of this article, we are hoping you are SOLD, and you will get your tickets for this meeting (if you have not done so yet)!

The HLN05 is an excellent opportunity to enhance your sales skills, expand your network, share your experience, and learn from other professionals' wins and failures.

Here are some key ideas:

  • Selling is essential for professional services firms to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. It is not just about closing deals; it is about building relationships, creating value for clients, and driving growth and profitability.

  • Sales strategies and techniques vary, but there will always be rejection: how do you effectively handle rejection?

You won't win every deal, and some buyers just won't like you. That's part of being in sales. And while it's important to be thoughtful about how you can improve, it's crucial to move on easily from rejection.

Experts suggest viewing rejection as proof you're pushing the limits. So, examine why you weren't successful with your prospect, ask for outside opinions when appropriate, and move forward quickly and positively to bigger and better deals. (Read the full article here for great tips, by Hubspot).

On the night, we will have experts from the following esteemed establishments sharing their stories and starting conversations:

Why join us on the 29th May for #HLN05:

  • Thought-provoking discussions Attendees can gain valuable insights and practical knowledge from experts in the room and peers, helping them stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving business landscape.

  • Networking opportunities HLN events offer a chance to connect with like-minded professionals, potential clients, mentors, and collaborators. Join us to expand your professional network!

  • Great people! 35% of our attendees are the core of HLN, the serial networkers (said in the kindest possible way), 35% have been once or twice and 25% are new to HLN. The remainder comprises those who have been away, attended an event 2 or more years ago, and are now making a comeback. 50% are in the legal profession, and 50% are everyone else.

  • Keep up with trends! Staying informed about the latest trends, best practices, and innovations is crucial for remaining competitive in the marketplace. Networking events provide a platform to stay updated and exchange insights with peers.

  • Professional growth Attending HLN and other professional events demonstrates a commitment and supports continuous learning and professional development. It provides you with so many more opportunities, enhancing your career.

And we cannot think of one reason NOT to attend! Click HERE for TICKETS.

This event is brought to you by our fantastic HLN Annual Sponsors.

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