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EVENT TAKEAWAY | Altlaw eDiscovery & RelativityOne x HLN01

This January Hexagon Legal Network event was a successful kick-off for 2023 and we had the pleasure to host over 60 networkers across London and beyond. This evening was brought to you by Altlaw eDiscovery and RelativityOne to educate all of us on the applications of eDiscovery in modern society: from litigation to DSARs.

Imogen Fraser-Clark with Altlaw eDiscovery and Brenda Malinki with RelativityOne, our speakers, are both eDiscovery professionals, living and breathing data every day.

Altlaw eDiscovery has made it their mission for the past two decades to save their clients time and money by providing cost-effective, expert eDiscovery for lawyers, corporations and governments.

eDiscovery can take many forms in today’s legal landscape, from preparing for litigation to completing Subject Access Requests.

Together with the RelativityOne platform they are providing industry-leading services to host, process and review your data. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, RelativityOne has security built in from its foundations and offers a myriad of tools to support you through your eDiscovery process.

Transferring data quickly, efficiently and most importantly, securely is a challenge we all face and Imogen and Brenda are here to help with solutions. Please contact them directly.

Here are our favourite articles if you wish to learn more:

A huge thank you to our fantastic speakers and sponsors at Altlaw and TelativityOne.

Next up is the HLN02 - Get your tickets now and the Annual Pass 2023 is available until 22.02.2023


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