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HLN NEWS | Launching new exclusive business professional networking event series in London

It has been "brewing" for a while now and we are thrilled to announce the launch of exclusive lunchtime business professional networking event series for 2023 in London on top of our well attended monthly meetings.

Each HLN spin-off will have a clear focus/ topic and an agenda, these events will be exclusive on purpose, for a very small group of people. This is to enable the best kind of network building - on a human-to-human level. We have learnt that this is the best way to do it. The success of our approach is tested and tried by years of connecting people, making introductions, organising events, and networking ourselves. We invite you to join us to build your network, together.

Interior design elements of Dishroom restaurant

First one of the series is in collaboration with NBR, and we are delighted to invite you to join us for Growing Deeper Professional Relationships Networking event: join us at a Michelin guide restaurant, Dishroom, in Shoreditch on 28.04.2023 for the debut spin-off event - do not miss out, as there are only 12 tickets left! Prepare your elevator pitch, and enjoy a delicious Lunchtime Feast as you share stories and experiences with like-minded professionals. More information and to secure your spot, please click HERE.

Balls Brothers Austin Friars mezzanine
Balls Brothers Austin Friars

Second one of the business professional networking event series will take place on the same day as the main event, HLN05, on 24.05.2023 and it is a lunchtime networking event brought to you by Joanna Gaudoin at Balls Brothers Austin Friars. Joanna Gaudoin, founder of Inside Out Image and author of the recently published Amazon best seller Getting On: Making work work will be exploring why this is the case and what you need to consider as you engage in different work situations to help you navigate working life more effectively, progress your career and contribute to the improved performance for your company or firm.

More information and tickets are available HERE.

The third one of this series: COMING SOON...

Keep your eyes peeled!


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