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HLN02: Speed Presentations by...YOU

Updated: Aug 8

PRESENTATIONS FROM THE HAT really could be you!

The February meeting will take place on 22.02.2023. On the day we would like to give an opportunity to everyone who would like to present at HLN a chance to do so, but very quickly! ​ This is your chance to be creative and introduce yourself and your business, talk about a case study, share your recent significant wins with us, or the challenges you have overcome, share your news with us or do the best sales pitch you possibly can with the most friendly, supportive and specialist audience you can find! Let's do this! Next steps: 1. Secure your spot at the event: HERE 2. Let Maria know that you want to speak at the HLN02: HERE 3. Prepare your talk (5 minutes) 4. Invite friends and colleagues to come and support you 5. Show up 6. Keep your fingers crossed for your name to be pulled out of the hat! ​ There will be 4 names pulled from the hat and given an opportunity to speak.

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