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Legal Women – A New Magazine for Everyone

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Inequality creates problems for all of society and is everyone’s business. The UK government is acutely aware that there are immense costs to society by women leaving the workforce (or earning less) with the subsequent impact on our economy. What is it costing your business?

It has been repeatedly shown that diversity leads to increased profits; quite simply, the wider the appeal of your firm by the personnel employed, the wider the group of clients you will attract. Firms often overlook this by only surveying their existing client base. So how do you ensure that your firm’s style adapts? This is the mission of Legal Women magazine. It is relevant for everyone.

The inspiration for the magazine followed a Lincoln’s Inn event which attracted male and female lawyers to hear from a stellar panel of women working in all different capacities in the law – judges, solicitors, barristers, Legal Executives, in-house lawyers, policy advisors. It highlighted how stratified the professions have become, each with their own professional body. These have their place, but today’s world requires far wider connections for a business to develop.

The emphasis during the latter part of the twentieth century was very much on expertise on smaller and smaller areas of law. This makes perfect sense for many firms struggling to keep profits at an acceptable level but losing the overview creates other problems. The world is changing, requiring a more renaissance approach, to ensure your business keeps abreast of changes, is constantly adapting and making new connections.

Legal Women magazine captures leadership innovation. The legal world is getting left behind in terms of diversity and inclusion and those that keep abreast of changes will be the ones that survive. The magazine tackles how to change our working environments to suit the modern world – which will benefit everyone. There are many men who do not want the traditional constraints either and if the law firms fail to adapt, they may lose some of the strongest talents from both genders. The costs of recruiting and training are well-known, and it makes far more sense to retain talent that you have carefully nurtured.

The mission of Legal Women is to:

· provide clear information on gender parity

· inspire practical initiatives and create real change

· promote innovation in legal leadership and practice

The magazine is free and available in digital and high-quality glossy print (perfect for reception coffee tables). Subscribe HERE.

The editorial board and writers

We have fantastic ambassadors on our editorial board including Past Presidents of the Law Societies of England and Wales and Scotland, input from distinguished lawyers in Northern Ireland and Wales. Our writers include the widest selection of legal women and male champions so everyone can understand the latest developments and stay competitive. I’m always keen to hear from people so if you have something to write do get in touch for a discussion by emailing

Get involved and engage with Legal Women magazine on social media. Find us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter and follow us for your daily dose of information, inspiration, and innovation.

Founder and Editor


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