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Sponsor Introduction | Shak Inayat and Penn Chambers Solicitors

Hexagon Legal Network is turning 5 years old this August and we are thrilled to host an event only for this milestone and achievement, together.

This birthday event is only possible and happening because of and for our friends, our colleagues, and our regular guests, and the honorary members who are all our biggest supporters and why we still are excited to organise and host the HLN events 5 years later.

We are pleased to introduce Shak and Penn Chambers as one of the main sponsors for the event.

Thank you!

Penn Chambers Solicitors are a boutique specialist Solicitors practice based in The City of London. Penn Chambers Solicitors pride themselves on providing superior bespoke service for professional, discerning clients nationally and internationally. Established in 2008, finding their success from a holistic approach to providing high-quality services based on years of experience, in a commercially sound, financially savvy and yet sympathetic way. Click here to learn more: PENN CHAMBERS and for the tickets to join the celebration, click HERE.

Honorary Member of Hexagon Legal Network, founder and the Chair.


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