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EVENT TAKEAWAY | HLN05 Loopli: Being Information and Cyber Security Aware

This May, at the Hexagon Legal Network event, we had the pleasure to hear from Mr Owen Jones, the founder and CEO of Loopli. Here are the main takeaways from the talk and your opportunity to download the slides.

Question: Information and Cyber Security is managing the risk of loss of...:

A) Confidentiality – Ensuring that access to data and systems is restricted to those who require it.

B) Integrity – Ensuring the consistency, accuracy and trustworthiness of data and systems.

C) Availability – Ensuring that data and systems are consistently and readily available and accessible.

D) All of the above.

The correct answer is D.

A quick and easy way to see if any of your online accounts have been hacked is to go to: and type in your email address.

Interesting fact:

One in three consumers fell victim to a cybercrime in 2020.

DOWNLOAD the slides now and learn more:

Owen Jones presentation
Download • 656KB

Or why not contact Owen Jones directly. And here you can find out how Loopli can help you with the cyber security of your own.

Lastly, the HLN06 tickets are available HERE. Please do join us.


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