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Speaker Announcement, HLN10 | Wig & Pens

Wig & Pens are Artisan Pen Makers who produce pens of the highest quality using traditional techniques. It was set up by Solicitor-Advocate


A huge thank you to all of you who made it to celebrate our 5th birthday on 24.08.2022!

Sponsor Introduction | Primas Medispa

We are excited to be introducing you to Primas Medispa - sponsoring the big birthday event we are holding on 24.08.2022

Speaker Announcement | HLN05

We are thrilled to announce the speakers for this May event. Yes, it is speakerS! For the first time ever we will have not one, but TWO...

EVENT TAKEAWAY | HLN03 with Timea Kadar

At this March event, we welcomed Ms Timea Kadar on the stage of HLN and she made an insightful presentation on personal branding. Each...

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